6 Common Reasons Women Choose to Have an Abortion

Having an unplanned pregnancy is common, and many women choose to have an abortion. This is a tough decision for some, yet each year 1.2 million American women choose to have abortions.

At Stony Brook Women’s Health, we see patients with various reasons influencing their decision. You may be wondering: What are the reasons to have an abortion? Why would a woman choose to terminate a pregnancy? Here, we will look at the most common reasons that people choose to have an abortion.


1. Danger to the Body

Depending on individual body chemistry and pre-existing issues, it’s possible that pregnancy can have a harmful effect on the mother’s body. Some women are predisposed to these harmful effects, and having an abortion is a healthier option. In other situations, these conditions may develop circumstantially.

For example, pregnancy may affect the heart, causing cardiovascular disease. This may result from blood infection, hemorrhage, heart failure, or another condition. A placental abruption could cause the mother to lose a substantial amount of blood. A uterine rupture could also lead to significant danger for both the mother and child, potentially causing neurological disorders, or death.

With the risk of these dangers in mind, some women may choose to receive an abortion at our Long Island office.


2. Unprepared to Raise Child

For some women, the decision to receive an abortion may be as simple as that. Raising a child is a commitment that requires endless time, as well as emotional investment. After learning about an unplanned or unintended pregnancy, some women are not prepared to make these adaptations.

This is an especially common choice for women who do not want to be single mothers. Without a committed monogamous relationship, many women feel they will not have the emotional resources to raise a child.

Even with a committed relationship, women may not be prepared to completely change their lives for a child after discussing this with a partner. Whether they are putting a hold on their education, career, or other life obligations, this can be a major unexpected change.

In cases like these, many women make the difficult decision to instead receive an abortion.


3. Pregnancy Caused By Rape

Unfortunately, rape victims do occasionally become pregnant as a result of the attack. This often leads to a difficult decision for the woman.

At times, keeping the child can stand as a difficult reminder of a traumatic incident. So, to prevent this, some women receive an abortion. While it cannot undo the pain and suffering that stem from the rape, it does not force them further into this state.


4. Child Is Suffering From Serious Complications

With modern medical technology, it’s standard for doctors to perform numerous medical exams on a child before birth. In fact, most doctors recommend 1 visit per month in the beginning, and as many as 2-4 per month toward the end. During these visits, doctors can monitor the health of the mother and child, potentially detecting conditions that may impact the child.

While a birth defect like clubfoot will only have a minor impact, more severe conditions could pose a serious threat to the child. For example, pelvic blockage and other similar conditions might lead the child to die during pregnancy, or experience severe difficulties throughout life. In cases like these, some women believe that the best recourse is receiving an abortion.


5. Lack of Financial Resources

Couples intending to have a child have the benefit of the time to prepare themselves, and their bank accounts. Women who are not expecting a pregnancy do not have the same advantage.

The financial cost of a pregnancy is extremely high. Constant copayments, new supplies and clothing, time off from work, and other unexpected costs add up. Not to mention, the costs of delivery are high as well. Throughout the child’s life, these costs will continue to accumulate. Increased housing needs, clothing purchases, food, education and other costs continue to amass. In fact, experts estimate that caring for a child costs upwards of $200,000 between birth and age 17.

Even with a well-paying job, some women are not confident that they can effectively allocate these resources.

Without the means to support a child, many women in our Long Island office decide that an abortion is the best course of action.


6. Birth Control Failure

Sometimes, birth control fails, even for the most diligent users. In fact, studies show that more than half of all women who have received abortions used contraceptives during that month.

In the beginning of the pregnancy, hormonal birth control may cause the symptoms of the pregnancy to be hidden. But, as the pregnancy develops, this will change.

When women encounter these surprise pregnancies due to failed birth control, they face the same obstacles that other women do. In light of these circumstances, many women decide to receive an abortion procedure.


Make The Choice That is Best For You

At Stony Brook Women’s Health, we consider it our obligation to provide substantial education to all patients. Whether we educate them on the different abortion procedures, or the after-effects, we consider this information essential.