7 Ways to Support Someone Considering an Abortion

When your friend is considering an abortion, you may be confused about what you can do to help. As a peer, she may look to you for the kind of support that others in her life cannot provide. If this is a new experience for you, then you may not be sure how to react. In this post, we will outline how you can be a good friend to somebody considering an abortion at our Long Island office.


1. Validate Her Reasons on Choosing an Abortion

There are many reasons that women have abortions. They could be mentally unprepared to go through with the pregnancy, and eventually, raise a child. With preexisting cardiovascular conditions or other disorders, the pregnancy may pose a danger to her health. She may also lack the financial resources to raise a child. Finally, the pregnancy could have been an accident, resulting from a birth control failure.

Regardless of the reason, it’s important for women to hear that these reasons are completely valid. By speaking with your friend and helping her to remain aware of this, you can put her mind at ease.



2. Help Her Gather Information

After discovering a surprise pregnancy, your friend may be in a confused state of mind. She may not be thinking clearly about the various factors involved. She may also be processing this news with several misconceptions about abortions in mind. As a friend, you can help her to gather information about having an abortion at Stony Brook Womens Health.

For example, medical abortions have become increasingly popular over the years. Now, they comprise about one third of all Long Island abortion procedures. While only a viable option up to 9 weeks after the last period, many women select this procedure. It does not involve any surgical elements, consisting of only two pills.

Surgical abortion procedures, though, are also still a common option. Many Long Island abortions are done through the surgical process, which is short and does not involve any actual incisions.

Beyond helping her to learn about both procedures, you can also help her to answer other questions she may have. We have ample information on our blog. There are also many other informational resources available on the internet. This will help to comfort her, and help her to make a more informed decision.


3. Assure Her That it Will be Safe

Some women are skeptical about the safety of abortion procedures. Having performed Long Island abortion procedures for over 35 years, we can assure you that abortions performed by a qualified surgeon are safe.

After the government legalized abortion procedures, they became much safer. With advanced medical technology and evolved practices, the rate of complications has drastically lowered.

With assurances that a proper abortion procedure will go safely, you can help put your friend’s mind at ease.


4. Use Supportive Language and be There for Her

Now more than ever, your friend needs somebody to provide unconditional support. It’s important for you to be there for them, regardless of what else may happen.

For example, listen to her thoughts and feelings on the matter. Help her to understand that these sentiments are completely valid, and try to understand her position. Be sure to refrain from using any judgemental language, which she may already be hearing from other people. Also, avoid language that may lead to guilt, with words such as “baby”. Instead, use medical, neutral language.

Overall, cater to her needs and provide the support that she needs. Whether she decides to receive a Long Island abortion or not, she will appreciate this support.


5. Help Her to Process Her Own Emotions and Make a Plan

Some women may be overwhelmed by the advice and judgement they receive from other people. Before deciding to receive a Long Island abortion, it is important for women to consider what they really want.

Without external influence, she will be able to make the decision that is right for her.

Even if she has made her decision, she may not have the composure to make the proper arrangements. You can aid in this process by taking care of simple tasks. Call a gynecologist’s office to make an appointment or inquire about insurance information. Offering to handle simple logistical tasks like this will go a long way.


6. Don’t Rush Her

Regardless of other conditions, women will carefully weigh the decision to receive an abortion. It’s important that you let them make this decision at their own pace.

Responding to pregnancy hormones will likely be quite stressful. So, throughout this process, you should give her the time that she needs. Help her to understand that this is a difficult and taxing process, and beyond understanding the legal time limits for Long Island abortions, she should not rush this process. This is her life decision, and not anyone else’s.


7. Try to Relate

Sometimes, the best way to help people who are experiencing a crisis is by relating to them with similar anecdotes. While you may not have experienced an unwanted pregnancy, you may know somebody who did. Describing the conditions surrounding these situations (without violating anyone’s trust) may help her to understand that she is not alone. It may also shape her decision in a positive way.



Stony Brook Women’s Health

Choosing whether or not to receive an abortion is one of the most difficult decisions that a woman must make. At Stony Brook Women’s Health, our talented and compassionate staff is dedicated to helping each patient make the right decision. Contact us to learn more about the surgical or medical abortion procedure.