Non-Surgical Abortions on Long Island: What is the Abortion Pill?

For women of Long Island who are pregnant under 9 weeks, we offer medical abortions as an alternative to surgical abortions. The Abortion Pill is an option for women who prefer a non-surgical abortion, instead of surgery and anesthesia. With a non-surgical abortion, medications are administered in order to safely end a pregnancy. It does not require sedation or surgery, but must be done early in the pregnancy. Please note, this is not the same as Plan B pill and is not a substitute for contraceptives or birth control.

Reasons for pursuing an abortion is a major decision and it is highly personal. Many women come to our practice in Smithtown with mixed feelings about having the procedure. We are here to help you through this difficult time. Our medical staff will explain the medical abortion process, possible side effects, and what to expect after the procedure.

When Should You See a Doctor if You’re Pregnant?

If you think you are pregnant, then you should see a doctor right away. The early stage of pregnancy is an important time, even if you choose to not have an abortion. During the early stages of pregnancy, you will have more options available to you and the risks will be lower. We suggest making an appointment at our Smithtown office immediately after you believe you are pregnant.

Furthermore, deciding to have a medical abortion is not easy. You may need some time to think about the options presented to you. The earlier you make an appointment with our gynecologist office, the more time you will have to consider your options and make the choice that is right for you.

How Do I Prepare for a Medical Abortion?

Preparing for a medical abortion starts like any other procedure. We will review your medical history and overall health. Your pregnancy will be confirmed with a urine tests. Blood tests will be performed in order to determine blood type. An ultrasound will be performed to determine the date of the pregnancy and to ensure that there are no abnormalities.

Is a Medical Abortion Safe?

Medical abortions performed under a doctor’s care are very safe. Moreover, the safest time to have an abortion is during the first trimester. Fewer than one woman dies in every 100,000 legal abortions performed by a professional.


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Although safe, abortions will come with some side effects. In addition to the cramping and bleeding, most women will also experience nausea. Our doctor will provide you with medication to curb the nausea, and you will be able to take any over the counter pain medication for the cramping. We also recommend using a heating pad to help you be more comfortable.

How Does a Non-Surgical or Medical Abortion Work?

The “Abortion Pill” is actually a combination of two pills. The first medication is taken at our office, then two days later you will take the second pill. Progesterone (a hormone) is blocked by the first pill so that the pregnancy does not develop. Additionally, the uterine lining will soften and break down, and bleeding will begin. The second pill causes the uterus to contract and will push the embryo out of the uterus, thus fully terminating the pregnancy.

From start to finish, the non-surgical abortion will take 2 days to complete. After the abortion, you may experience bleeding for up to four weeks.

How Do I Get the Abortion Pill?

Years ago, the FDA required a woman to go to the doctors 3 times to get the abortion pill set. However, now you can visit us once to take the first medication and take home the second set. You will need to return for a followup to ensure effectiveness two weeks after. This is a free followup visit at Stony Brook Women’s Health!

Please call our office to set up your appointment today!