About Stony Brook Women’s Health

Stony Brook Women's Health - Gynecologist

Stony Brook Women’s Health is a private medical office located on Long Island. In existence since 1980, Stony Brook Women’s Health doesn’t just do abortions. We provide complete gynecologic care. This includes contraception, pap smears, family planning, STD check-ups, tubal ligations, and other GYN services. There are many cases in which we have helped an uncertain patient decide on prenatal care. Having said that, we specialize in safe abortions and terminating pregnancies between 6 and 14 weeks of pregnancy.

In the past 35 years, our physicians have individually done more procedures than any other facility in the region. Furthermore, our medical staff has privileges at University Hospital at Stony Brook. Unlike other clinics that refer problems to the local emergency room, we provide continuous 24/7 care as well as follow-ups by the same physicians who performed the procedure. We care!

About Our Services

Once people have made the difficult decision to terminate a pregnancy, 50% of our patients want to do the procedure as confidentially and quickly as possible by means of minor surgery. They want to come to the office, have a safe and painless procedure, and move on with their lives. These procedures are the suction/currettage variety; a minimally invasive operation that takes several minutes. The patient is completely asleep for the procedure and returns home in an hour.

The other 50% of our patients choose the abortion pill.” This is actually a series of pills taken over two days and causes a mini-miscarriage at home. You must be nine weeks or less (63 days) from your last menstrual period to be eligible for this method. After consulting with us, you’ll have the option of choosing whichever method is best for you.

We are fully accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (AAAASF).

About Our Experienced Staff

Stony Brook Women’s Health cultivates a private office environment. Our staff will provide personal, attentive care, without any symptoms of the impersonal, busy clinic atmosphere. At our office, you will never experience an exhausting, stressful six-hour wait like you might in a clinic. Most patients enter and leave our office within 1-2 hours.

Doctor Giving Woman Abortion Pill

Our staff are caring, experienced professionals who understand and empathize with the difficulty in making an emotionally charged decision. This staff includes:

  • Two registered nurses who have both worked in local ERs for over twenty years
  • Nurse anesthetists and anesthesiologists who augment their hospital experience with weekly outpatient care at our office
  • Nurses’ aides and receptionists with decades of office experience and a keen attention to detail

In addition to this outstanding support staff, our board-certified physician has been teaching at Stony Brook University Hospital since 1979, as well as practicing women’s health care since 1980. With decades of experience and recognition among his peers, he is qualified and dedicated to using his expansive knowledge to positively impact women’s lives.

Patients choose us because of our experience, efficiency, safe procedures, and privacy policies.