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6 Common Reasons Women Choose to Have an Abortion

Having an unplanned pregnancy is common, and many women choose to have an abortion. This is a tough decision for some, yet each year 1.2 million American women choose to have abortions. At Stony Brook Women’s Health, we see patients with various reasons influencing their decision. You may be wondering: What are the reasons to  … Read more

What is the Time Limit on Abortions in NY?

Because of the recent political activity, there has been a lot of discussion about abortion laws. Many states with more conservative abortion laws have recently experienced a shift in policy due to new legislation. Fortunately, New York is not one of those states. It is, however, still important to take note of the laws governing  … Read more

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8 Facts About Medical Abortions

Making the decision to have an abortion is difficult and emotional for all women. For women who feel strongly that they do not want to have a child, though, it may be the right choice. When most people refer to abortions, they are thinking about surgical abortions. But, medical abortions have become more popular in  … Read more

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7 Common Symptoms of Menopause

Menopause is a difficult transition for all women. Most people know menopause primarily as the point at which a woman can no longer become pregnant. This transition occurs because the ovaries stop producing estrogen and progesterone. The symptoms that women experience during menopause may seem to be unrelated to gynecological health or hormones. Thus, it  … Read more

Pubic Hair Removal: 5 Reasons To Stay Au Naturale

Pubic hair has a reputation of being a sexual turnoff for most people, especially new partners. For this reason, many men and women take it upon themselves to remove their pubic hair. In fact, there is an entire industry devoted to servicing people’s hair removal needs, and it’s on the rise. Pubic hair, however, contributes  … Read more

Pap Tests: Screening for Cervical Cancer

For 2017, the American Cancer Society predicted that 12,820 women in the U.S. would be diagnosed with cervical cancer. Like any other form of cancer, it’s important to be vigilant in protecting yourself from cervical cancer by undergoing regular testing. Pap smear exams are a regular part of gynecological health, and aid women in identifying  … Read more

5 Situations Where Tracking Your Period Helps

During gynecologist visits, you will be asked when your last period was. This question is logical for patients who are attempting to determine if they are pregnant or are having irregular periods. While it might seem random in other cases, this information can actually be quite helpful. Because the entire gynecology process centers in the  … Read more

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Gynecological Health: Yeast Infections

Contrary to popular belief, yeast infections are not technically classified as STDs. Formally called vaginal candidiasis, yeast infections can be transmitted during intercourse or from oral contact with genitals, though they generally develop independently. When conditions within the vagina change, the risk of a yeast infection rises. In this post, we’re going to demystify yeast  … Read more

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Should You Use a Douche? What Every Woman Should Know

The desire to feel clean is perfectly natural. Many women who douche do so to eliminate vaginal odors, feel fresh again, clean period blood, and to avoid STDs and pregnancy after intercourse. Unfortunately, however, studies have proven that douching can have other effects. In fact, many doctors assert that it can cause women to be  … Read more

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How are STDs Spread?

The spread of sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs, is a scary thought for many. And it should be. In theory, the readily available precautions should be enough to fully prevent the transmission of any diseases. In reality, however, not everyone is fully aware of the different ways that STDs can spread. This makes complete prevention  … Read more