Does Abortions Affect Subsequent Fertility and Pregnancies?

Why Fake Science Behind Abortion Bans is So Dangerous

It’s no secret that there’s been a recent wave of anti-abortion legislation sweeping the United States. Many of us can only scratch our heads and wonder how our country can be taking such significant steps backward. Even on Long Island, we’re feeling the impact of the recent anti-abortion talk in our government.  In the medical  … Read more

Late Term Abortions: Facts vs. Myths

Long Island is not immune to the recent debates concerning abortion. It has always been an issue that incites passionate responses. Notions of morality and a woman’s right to make her own decisions are still up for debate in this country. Such heated topics naturally inspire the spread of false information. Abortion myths are still  … Read more

Fake Women’s Health Centers – a Scary Reality

Deciding to get an abortion is often a very stressful and difficult decision. Many women understand that it is in their best interest to do so. Yet they can’t help but feel vulnerable and insecure throughout the process, which is understandable. Pursuing an early abortion is not a simple, casual decision. At Stony Brook Women’s  … Read more

woman at gynecology office

7 Things Your Gyno Wants You to Stop Doing

Having a visit to your gynecologist isn’t always the most comfortable situation. We often deal with patients during difficult and uncertain times. We also see many patients that are having pap smears, STD exams, and other procedures for the very first time. Patients may not know what to expect and feel nervous or anxious. Here  … Read more

Safe Sex Information from Stony Brook Women's Health

A Head’s Up on Oral Sex

At Stony Brook Women’s Health, we provide STD testing for anyone who needs to be screened. Testing and results are completely confidential. The idea that you cannot contract an STD from giving or receiving oral sex is a common misconception. While the risk may not be as high as it is during sexual intercourse, actively  … Read more

Doctor Giving Woman Abortion Pill

What Is a Non-Surgical Abortion?

With advances in the medical field and women’s healthcare, women seeking abortions now have more options. The standard surgical abortion method is no longer the only way to terminate a pregnancy. Non-surgical abortions have made it possible for women to terminate a pregnancy without an operation. This abortion method instead involves only two sets of  … Read more

Abortions: What if They Were Illegal?

There has been a lot of progress in the fight for abortion rights, but the battle is still ongoing. Abortions were legalized throughout the US in 1973, after the landmark supreme court case Roe v. Wade found that antiabortion laws made abortions more dangerous, without limiting them. While both surgical and medical abortions are legal  … Read more

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Are You Awake During an Abortion?

After making the decision to receive an abortion, most women have several questions. Many women are concerned about whether or not they will be fertile following the procedure, or

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Vaginal pH Balance: What’s Normal, and What’s Not?

Monitoring vaginal health is important for girls who have entered their teenage years, and all women. The pH of the vagina is one of the primary ways that gynecologists can determine if it is healthy. There are several ways that you can preemptively ensure that your vagina is healthy. Read on to learn more about  … Read more

Can You Still Get Pregnant After An Abortion?

Before making the ultimate decision to have an abortion, women weigh plenty of factors. One of the most common questions is “Is this the right time to have a child?” And, if not, “will I still be able to have a child after an abortion”? For many women, the question of future fertility is a  … Read more