Fake Women’s Health Centers – a Scary Reality

Deciding to get an abortion is often a very stressful and difficult decision. Many women understand that it is in their best interest to do so. Yet they can’t help but feel vulnerable and insecure throughout the process, which is understandable. Pursuing an early abortion is not a simple, casual decision. At Stony Brook Women’s Health, we’ve had years of experience in helping Long Island women through the process of a medical abortion with over 35 years of experience.

We place value on the importance of safe, professional procedures in legitimate medical facilities. That includes advising our patients of some unsavory tactics employed by anti-choice organizations in order to take advantage of their vulnerabilities. These are people who are interested in furthering their maniacal religious agenda, rather than considering what’s best for the patient, who use dishonesty to trap them.

Imagine This…

Imagine you have recently made the decision to schedule an abortion. You’ve made the appointment, and you arrive at your health office. Before entering, you’re greeted by someone outside. They direct you to the entrance. They seem confident and trustworthy, so you follow them.

You’re brought into a “waiting room” that, when walking in, seems normal enough. There are no obvious signs that would lead you to believe you’re anywhere other than where you intended to be. Suddenly, you’re being roped into a conversation with somebody who enthusiastically asks you about your pregnancy. This is bizarre, since you’re there for an abortion.

Everyone is glowing with excitement to discuss your pregnancy. Suddenly, they’re insisting you look into alternative options like parenting and adoption. They tell you abortion is “simply too dangerous.” They tell you abortion “is wrong.” They tell you anything and everything that will leave you confused, stressed, and unsure.

As strange and twisted as this scenario sounds, it’s happening all over the country.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers

These offices are called “Crisis Pregnancy Centers.” They’re also referred to as fake women’s health centers. The staff are solely far-right, anti-choice, religious extremists. All of their time and resources are dedicated into tricking vulnerable young women into believing they have their best interest at heart. They will tell you anything to convince you, above everything else, to cancel your abortion.

None of these offices have a trained medical provider on staff or even a license to operate as a medical facility. They’re literally pretending to be doctors and nurses to further their agenda.

How They Do It

These religious extremist organizations use a variety of methods to work as they do. More often than not, they find a real women’s health center and set up a facility next door to or across the street from them. If they’re close enough to the doctor’s office, they can successfully spring their trap.

These people will also choose a facility name that sounds a lot like the name of your destination. They also sometimes insert misleading words into their name, like “Women’s Choices.” This is done to fool women into believing they’re being given options rather than fanatical rhetoric.

In many cases, their organization will also have very modern and legitimate-looking websites. Even their web presence poses as a medical facility, and under their services they list abortions. They will let you schedule an appointment and direct you to the address of their fake facilities.

Some of their websites have phone numbers which, when dialed, go straight to their fake health offices. Their “representatives” do everything in their power to disarm you, and take advantage of your confusion.


Unfortunately, as surreal and absurd as this might sound, these organizations are all too real. In the Supreme Court of California case Nifla vs. Becerra, the state mandated that these fake health centers have two options. They can clearly post that they are not certified to practice medicine in any way. Or they can post that the state of California offers free prenatal, adoption, birth control and abortion options.

Be very careful if you find yourself in a scenario in which you question the validity of your environment. At Stony Brook Health, we understand the importance of being treated by legitimate and qualified professionals. We also want our patients to make their own choices, and not have their vulnerabilities exploited by zealots. It is ultimately up to you to make the decision that is right for you.