Abortion FAQ’s

Will an abortion affect my ability to have children when I want?
This issue has been thoroughly studies by the Centers for Disease Control, which found that, if an abortion is properly performed without complications, there is no impact on a woman’s subsequent fertility.


Will I be in a lot of pain afterwards?
No. Everyone differs in her pain tolerance, but most patients experience menstrual-type crampy discomfort for a day or two, usually relieved by products like Motrin. Some patients have no pain at all, whereas others occasionally require additional medication.


When can I return to work or school?
Since the “female” symptoms relate to menstrual-type bleeding, the major after-effect is mild sleepiness or dizziness after the procedure. This wears off within several hours, and most patients return to work the next day.


When can I resume my usual activities?
You can go back to your usual routine the day after the procedure, with certain restrictions. Do not use tampons, don’t douche, and place nothing in the vaginal. To avoid infection, it’s best to refrain from vaginal intercourse until the doctor gives the okay at your two-week post-op check-up.


What about bleeding?
The amount of bleeding varies from woman to woman. Some patients have virtually none, while for most it is like a heavy period. Occasionally, after the heaviest bleeding stops, some women have persistent light staining for up to a month post-op.


Will my pregnancy test still be positive?
Yes. Since it can take up to a month for the kidneys to “clear” pregnancy hormone from the body, the test may remain positive during that time.


Insurance Policies / Procedure Costs
As most insurance companies include terminations in their policies, we accept payments from all major insurance providers. Our organized, diligent office staff contacts insurance providers to ensure that termination is covered, and to see if there is an additional copayment.

Patients without an insurance policy that covers termination must pay a one-time fee of $550, which covers the patient for all visits through 12 weeks.