Your Daughter’s First Time At The Gynecologist

If you think your kids are growing up too fast, then you’re not alone. Just yesterday, you were ordering school pictures. Today, you’re helping them transition into young adulthood– and teaching them about the new challenges. Helping children to prepare for puberty can be a challenge for many parents. Children will learn plenty in health and sex education classes, and you may also choose to have the birds and the bees talk. When she reaches the age of 13, you may feel it’s time for her to visit the gynecologist. Before her first gynecologist visit, discussing the purpose of the visit and explaining the process is important.


Why Is Seeing A Gynecologist Important?

Have an honest and open dialogue about gynecology with your daughter before the day of the visit. She may consider going to the doctor a negative experience in general, associating it with a health problem. However, well visits are important for continued health. So, you should explain to her why women go to the gynecologist in the first place.


To Be Informed About Reproductive & Sexual Health

Gynecologists can expand upon many of the points that your daughter likely learned in high school. They can also answer questions that she might have about her changing body, menstruation, or sex.


Preventing Future Issues

Your daughter should understand that when she is ready to be sexually active, making the right choices is important. Using protection to prevent STD transmission, as well as unwanted pregnancy, is important. Overall, this meeting can help her learn how to have a healthy lifestyle. In addition to STDs, the gynecologist can also educate your daughter about how to prevent and/or recognize other issues.


Treating a Range of Medical Issues

The gynecologist can help your daughter diagnose potential issues, like missed periods, pain, or other reproductive problems. If your daughter is unaware of these issues, then speaking with a gynecologist is important. Vaginal discharge can be normal, but the gynecologist can also help the patient identify abnormal discharge. In the case of a more immediate issue, the gynecologist can diagnose a yeast infection, and provide a treatment.


Explain the Gynecology Procedure

Going to the gynecologist for the first time can be overwhelming. Feeling nervous is natural, but preparing her for the initial exam entails can make this a more pleasant experience. Being specific will ensure that there are no surprises.

First, let her know that there will be several phases of her first visit. The gynecologist will ask her several questions about her medical history, which she should answer truthfully.

She should also be prepared for the physical exams. The gynecologist generally begins with a general physical exam, which is very similar to a standard doctor appointment. Then, he or she will administer an external exam to check for sores, swelling, or any other issues. The breast exam will detect lumps or cysts early on. If necessary, the gynecologist will perform a pap smear, which tests cells for cervical cancer.

Above all, assure your daughter that attending the gynecology office is common for all women.


Gynecology & Abortions on Long Island

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