Surgical Abortion

A surgical abortion can be performed up to the 24th week of pregnancy. We provide surgical abortion services at our Long Island office and accept most insurance plans. We are a private healthcare facility (not a clinic). Our practice is committed to your privacy and safety. You will receive personalized, comprehensive, and confidential care.

About the Procedure

The name “surgical” is a little misleading, because surgery often brings “cutting” to mind. There are no incisions or cutting with this technique. Rather, with the patient awake or asleep (her choice) she is positioned as for a pelvic exam or pap smear. A speculum is inserted, and the cervix (tip of the uterus) is slightly opened or “dilated” enough to insert a sterile plastic suction tip, about the size of a drinking straw. Then the uterine contents are quickly suctioned out. A sonogram is performed at the end of the procedure to make sure the contents have been completely removed. The whole procedure takes less than five minutes.

Abortion at 12-24 Weeks:

Technically, the hardest part of surgical abortion is dilating the cervix. When the pregnancy is a little larger, dilating requires more care. This typically adds 1-2 minutes to the procedure, and a larger plastic suction tip is used. Rarely, when the cervix is very tight, a substance called laminaria is used. “Lam” absorbs moisture, and it is inserted into the cervix overnight to painlessly dilate the cervix so it is open of the procedure.

What to Expect After a Surgical Abortion:

After the procedure is finished, a few minutes of resting is recommended before leaving the facility. Cramping and spotting immediately after the procedure is common. You can take as much time as needed to relax after the procedure. Our doctor or health educator will go over aftercare treatment instructions, and help you understand how to take care of yourself after the abortion. After the surgery is over we will make sure you have a ride home. It is best to take of the rest of the day to rest and allow for the meds to wear off.

If desired our doctor can send you home with a prescription for antibiotics/birth control. Cramping and spotting may last for up to two weeks. It is safe to return to normal activities such as work or school the next day as long as you’re feeling up to it. Avoid sexual intercourse for at least one week and use pads instead of tampons during the healing process. It is also important to understand that you can get pregnant after an abortion. You should continue or start contraception following your abortion.

Follow up Visit:

Our office will arrange a follow-up exam at no cost to you. The follow-up will be about two weeks after your medical or surgical procedure. This consists of a internal exam and sonogram, to insure that the uterus has been emptied and the patient is back to normal. Contraception and well-woman care will be reviewed at this visit. Please remember that at any time before your follow-up, a member of our staff will be available 24/7 to discuss any questions or problems, simply by calling our office number.