Why Fake Science Behind Abortion Bans is So Dangerous

It’s no secret that there’s been a recent wave of anti-abortion legislation sweeping the United States. Many of us can only scratch our heads and wonder how our country can be taking such significant steps backward. Even on Long Island, we’re feeling the impact of the recent anti-abortion talk in our government. 

In the medical and scientific communities, legitimate science is valued over religious ideology. And unfortunately, the politicians pushing for abortion bans are using fake science in order to push their agendas. By citing fake science – such as the many myths surrounding late-term abortions – far-right politicians can justify their decisions by using “facts” rather than religious beliefs. But unfortunately, the reckless disregard of science can have a devastating effect

In this post we’ve broken down how and why the false information behind these bans is so dangerous. It’s critical to be familiar with the facts to protect the health and reproductive rights of our nation’s women. 

So-Called “Abortion Reversal” Laws Gaining Traction

These laws are now on the books in eight states. Abortion reversal laws require doctors to tell their patients who are receivingsafe, medicated abortions that the process can be reversed halfway through to save the pregnancy. Yes – you read that correctly. 

This is bad science, and it’s very dangerous. The notion of abortion reversal is based on one, single study that scientists agree was poorly executed and without an ethics review board. The circumstances behind the study are questionable at best. Basically, it might as well have been conducted in somebody’s garage. 

Experts agree that the “data” from this experiment has no ground to stand on. It’s never been clinically tested or approved by the right agencies. Leading medical groups like the American Medical Association and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists all oppose the abortion reversal laws. 

This is not the first time abortion myths have entered the public conversation, and unfortunately it most likely won’t be the last.  

The Dangerous History of Fake Science 

Unfortunately, these bad sciences behind reckless laws are not a new phenomenon. These recent laws are the latest in a long history of racist and misogynistic policies that cite “science” to justify targeting women and marginalized groups. 

The “science” of eugenics was once used to justify sterilizing disabled people and women of color so they couldn’t reproduce. Conversion therapy (which was disproven years ago) is still employed to change sexual orientation. And many continue to claim the “biological roles” of women are only wife or mother, in order to keep them subordinate. 

It’s important to remember that this is not the first time false science has been used to punish vulnerable or marginalized people. And if the fake science behind these recent pushes towards abortion bans are allowed to go unchecked, it can put us in a very dangerous position. 


The public figures behind these proposed laws show remarkable ignorance of the true, legitimate facts. And their imaginary science can only do more damage than good. If their laws were to pass, they would hurt many of our country’s most vulnerable. 

  It is critical to become familiar with the facts on abortions. And we all have a responsibility to use our voices to protect the health and reproductive rights of our women. Show up to vote, andsupport someone considering an abortion

Choosing whether or not to have an abortion can be a very difficult decision to make. And employing fake science to further confuse a vulnerable woman is reckless, irresponsible and reprehensible. It’s up to us to support our women and study the facts.